I'm coming back

This blogging thing turned out to be harder than I thought. In my defence, I've had two promotions and a new baby since I last posted so there have been a few things going on. I've come up with a few new "laws" too.

I intend to start talking about new stuff, perhaps on a less frequent basis and see how I go.

The NZ government has decided to unbundle the local loop. Lots of people are applauding that. I actually don't agree, I think it's a mistake for NZ. The previous arrangement was also untenable, but unbundling is not the answer. It's the old pendulum argument. We've swung so far one way, that the knee jerk reaction is to move as far away as possible from where we were. The correct answer is probably somewhere in the middle (Gibson's Eighth Law).

More later - hopefully.


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