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Just found Chandu Thota's blogmap toy. It's an interesting use of technology. Unfortunately because NZ isn't on the map yet, I've lied and told it I still live in England ;-) No one I recognise around that neighbourhood though - yet.

To be honest, although I've added this to my blog for the moment, it seems a bit cutesy and I'm struggling to come up with a real use for it. It's sort of like a teleblog (or is that blogphone) book so if everyone was on it, it might be quite good.

Idea: Maybe a mindmap type view would be cool showing linked blogs that someone is interested in rather than just those that are located nearby. i.e. Nearness is either by commonality of blog (determined automagically by some yet to be determined method) or by hard links. Then rather than overlaying blogs on a terrain map, we overlay on a logical map by topic/subject/or anything other type of criteria. That could be very cool.


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