I have a friend (strange I kn0w) called Alison. She's a bit of a star. At the moment she's on a rusty old ship called the Anastasis moored of the coast of Benin (West Africa) where she's a theatre nurse mainly doing maxillo-facial work. The organisation she's working with is called Mercy Ships. They basically sail around the world to wherever they are needed, performing surgery for free. There's so much work to do that, for cataract surgery, unless you're blind in two eyes you don't get in. Alison went over in October for around 8-9 months. They're off to Liberia next.

It's a humbling experience hearing what they are doing for people.

And get this, it costs her around $US9/day for the priviledge of doing all this.

Anyone wanting to make a donation, get's brownie points from me.


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