Things I don't like

Begin rant

Yesterday was a hard day at work. Lots of staring at a computer screen. A few things got up my goat...
  • People who answer cellphones in meetings;
  • People who regardless of what they are doing or how important it is, always immediately respond to whatever hits their desk - like the phone ringing or someone walking up to them - especially when they are in the middle of talking to you;
  • People who, when they are unsure about something, decide the only response is to fill the air with words and hope that some of it makes sense;
  • People who are never around all day, don't read their email and then ask you if you've sent them something; and
  • People who are never around all day, then swan in making broad statements about things they haven't got the background on.
And that's just one guy.

End rant


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